Stop Motion Camps

"Brick Films" have been around for years now and they are enormously popular on the internet. Our LEGO © Stop Motion Camps will offer you the chance to create your very own. From Planning, Script Writing, Filming, Editing and final render, you and your team will create your very own "Brick Film".

Our Curriculum for this camp has been created by a current High School Digital Video Instructor, using standards and lessons used in Digital Video Production Classes today. Mixing this with our proven formula for Edutainment © Camps and this will be a very exciting camp.

Campers will work in groups of three/four to plan/script/film/edit/ and produce their very own Brick Film. Each group will be using Stop Motion Cams, mics, lighting and LEGO © Minifigs. We will be using approximately six different sets (Castles, Towns and more) for each team to write script, film, record voicing and more. We will be posting these films on our website for all to see and enjoy.

Our camps have breaks with activities and snacks (lunch breaks for full day camps). We do not provide lunch; please make sure your child has lunch each and every day. Please note, we do not have breaks, activities or build time outside due to the inclement nature of our weather here in Florida. Breaks (snack, lunch or activity) happen at the top of each hour.

All of our Camps have limited seating and they do tend to fill up fast. Due to the nature of this Camp; seating will be even more limited.

Available Camps